CCM Blade Patterns

P14 - Duchene Heel Small Closed
Shallow pocket offers great stick handling and backhand shots.
P15 - Jones Heel Medium Opened
Deeper heel curve for power and control of shots.
P20 - Lid Heel Medium Opened
Great for getting the puck on net quickly and to pinpoint passes.
P28 - McDavid Mid/Toe Big Opened
Great for toe drags and hitting the top shelf.
P29 - Crosby Mid Big Opened
The all-in-one. Accurate passing, good control and a hard shot.
P30 - Parise Mid Medium Closed
Slight hook at the toe is great for stickhandling while the closed face provides great control on shots.
P38 - FORSBERG Mid/Heel Big Slightly Opened
Quick release for maximum shooting accuracy.
P40 - MacKinnon Mid Big Slightly Opened
Deep curve for raising wrist shots easily.
P45 - Tavares Mid Medium Slightly Opened
Mid curve provides control and accuracy.
P46 - Bergeron Mid/Toe Big Opened
Deep pocket helps cradle the puck.